Welcome to Chim’s Héritage Fine Art, « CHIFART » specialized in the realization of:
Portraits, Landscapes, Elephants Kingdom, Spiritual Paintings and Family Museum.

Located in the main heart of Libreville, the capital city of Gabon, where the inner beauty takes you to the infinite world, where the splendor of the environment are transformed into inspiration that materializes into artworks.

If you wish to immortalize yourself on a portrait, to show your gratitude to a relative, ancestors, your boss, high personalities, to make prestigious and memorable gifts during major events such as: Wedding, Baptism, Anniversaries, Graduation, Swearing in ceremony, End of the year gifts etc… An act that leaves the receiver in a state of indelible joy; CHIFART is at your service.

In a peaceful work space, we create embossed masterpieces using local materials to embellish them, transforming the environment into a natural beauty appreciable by the public.The public whom by contemplating the beauties of the art works exhibited, always have the desire to purchase our paintings, with the possibility of placing their orders.

Paintings Portraits and the Elephants World remains our main focus. By observing the benefits of the presence of Elephants in our equatorial forests, the second largest in the world after the Amazonian forest, we feel our talent to be a useful tool for raising awareness in people’s mind to protect our natural heritage, which has became over time a real global wealth for the fight against global warming.

People of goodwill who love nature and wish her survival, would feel great to discover this amazing World of Elephants. We’re inspired by the nature and the habitants.

The first nature begins with man, seeing the climate change, the degradation of the Eco System, CHIFART understand the challenge which is thier’s, to bring our contributions through our paintings to solve the global challenge. An image is worth a thousand words. We are committed to saving the Elephants through a concept developed for this purpose: (The Elephants World for our well-being).

As artists, this vision springs from our inner beings and expresses itself through this wisdom expressed through the prerogatives of CHIFART, recalling our responsibility to protect our environment for the survival of our planet, and then transmit to our future generations a better world where arts and nature protection would play major role in protecting our beautiful world.

Surf well by discovering the wisdom hidden behind our works.


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Découvrez la galerie virtuelle de l'Atelier Chim's Heritage Fine Art: les Protraits, les paysages, le royaume des éléphants, les peintures spirituelles et les musées familiaux

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