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About the Artist

I am Chima Ogbonnaya, A God Gifted Artist.

A Nigerian citizen. residing in Gabon since 1983, I was born on 13th August 1966 in Obuohia Ibere Abia State Nigeria. And passed my first School leaving Certificate in 1981. I’m the son of Samuel Mmadudobeonu Ogbonnaya and Margaret Njiole Onutufouka Ogbonnaya.

Fifth born in the family of 9 children, I followed my senior brother Loveday Ogbonnaya in his artistic creations, by observing him, My creative genius arose and started guiding me on the glorious path of Arts, Creativity and Colour Mysteries . I was a little boy, when I started drawing on the ground, mold with white earth (nzu) assorted kinds of vehicles, airoplanes, annimals, hunters etc… These, I used as hand craft during my school days. With this talent, I was named by people ( Chima, Okpu moto) Chima, vehicle mouler, and I had the ambition of becoming a great artist in future.

Chi, (God), the Source of all creation, the silent observer of our future. I started my journey in the hairdressing salon as a barber, where I immediatly integrated my arts which falls in line with hair shaving in Salon de Coiffure International at mont Bouet Libreville, propriator Chief Benedict Uzuegbu my Boss.

I touched paint for the first time in 1985, and sold my first artwork at the rate of Six thousand francs cfa. (6.000 fcfa.) This motivated and assured me that I could earn my living with creative arts. In 1993, after the African African American Summit, I invented my ” Relief Creation” and “painting on the coconut fibers”. In 1988, I met with an art Master Ekang Henry from Equatorial Guinea, who initiated me in colour mixure. In 1989 after 6 years of experience in hair shaving, I opened my own Barber Shop called “Salon de Coiffure Chim’s “ and my first Art Work Shop called “Chim’s DECOR” all in Carrefour Leon MBA Libreville. In 1991 my Art work shop was officially legalised and obtained the status of a professional Art Work Shop that operate on the whole Gabonese territory.

In 1993, I discovered the teachings of my spiritual guide, Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, a luminous Master who put me on the right path of life. In 1995 a large door opened for me in the Meridien Re-Ndama Hotels of Libreville, where I developed great artistic potentials, met great world personalites that enriched my artistic carrier, with several dreams which is becoming true this day.

In 1997, I created Chim’s Heritage Fine Art Label. At the ending of 2002, I built my new Art Workshop at Camp de Gaulle Libreville. Hair shaving served as a stepping stone to achieve my artistic goal; It was a long journey covered with wonderful and enriching experiences. My Workshop starting from Chim’s DECOR to Atelier Artistique Chim’s , I am glad to present you a Confirmed Art Studio called Chim’s Héritage Fine Art, abbreviated “CHIFART” specialized in the realization of: Portraits, Landscapes, Elephants World, Spiritaul Paintings and Family Museum.  A space of creativity dedicated to offer my best arts works to the public who are willing to purchase my paintings. I am available to realise their work orders according to their choices. My creative energie flow from within and I accomplish my work with good disposition of Mind and Spirit, Respect and Integrity.

I’m passionate about my art, and offer exceptional artworks to my prestigious customers by ensuring them satisfaction and better results. I draw my inspirations from the Sacred Invisible, Nature and the Habitants. I create embossed masterpieces using local materials to embellish them, transforming our environment into appreciable beauties . Painting portraits and the Elephant World are my main focus for earning my living.

I am grateful to earn my living honestly, by doing the work I love. Through which I contribute to the well-being of all mankind, to the development of our ancestral cultures and the world in general. In this noble activity, I am a universal Citizen, working to beautify our planet.

I am glad to express my gratitude towards life, to the ETERNAL SOURCE OF ALL CREATIONS who continuously distribute wonderful blesssings to his beloved children for better use.

I am married and father of 3 wonderful children.

I’m expressing the greatness within, the Elephant World.