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Artist statement

Artist Statement

Feeling happy and free in our artistic expressions are our major assets, because happiness and freedom are the major tools of creation that attracts every wealth and prosperity we could ever dream of.Through our creative arts, we share our joy with our customers who take these art peices to their respective homes. When they contemplate the art, they would feel the peace, harmony and joyful state of mind the artist was, during the creation of the painting. As you purchase our paintings, may happiness and joy follow you all your life long. we are puting the sacred gift of God to the service of all mankind.This creative happy state of mind is the fondamental idea of creating this Plastic and Contemporary Art Studio, Chim’s Héritage Fine Art, abbreviated (CHIFART) specializes in realizing:

Portraits, Landscapes, Elephants World, Spiritual Paintings, and Family Museum.

Our main objective is to offer our best Fine Arts services to the world populations who are searching for a competent Art Studio where their needs could be satisfied. That’s why we’re here. CHIFART creations add value to people’s life, awakens good souvernir and beautiful memories in them. We are totally disposed to offer the best results they deserve. By amazing them with the originality of our works, while bringing thier dreams and visions into reality.

With passion we perform our duties with good disposition of Mind and Spirit, Respect and Integrity. The thirst to give best quality arts services, drive us to care with delicacy our works by giving the best of ourselves to our dear customers.

It is with pleasure that we paint portraits and the Elephants World, revealing the mysteries of human face, the beauty and greatness of the Elephants. Just by simply painting the Elephants, make us feel good and see life in larger perspectives. We have much to learn from the Elephants.

Also to inspire our populations to appreciate themselves first, then appreciate our beautiful environment in order to appropriate it, respect and embellish it. Our works invite men to admire themselves, to appreciate, value and celebrate them selves. Immortalizing one self on a living portrait is a durable investment that reminds the past history. Our works attract appreciation, joy and greatness in one’s self. We are professionals who love jobs well done and invest our energies in realism. Oil paints are our favorite mediums which translates our deepest desires with its nylon effects. It resists all surfaces such as Canvas, Plywood, Raphia, Stones, Glasses etc.

Our works contribute much for human education, awakening joy, happiness and inner peace in the the viewers minds, they remind us of our responsibility to be actors of nature protection, awakening in us the necessity to include in our schools the studies of nature protection, and at the same time to introduce the uses of our arts to decorate our administrations.

Our 5 means of expression.

1- Portraits,: Man is beautiful, sovereign and more powerful than he could ever imagine, by painting portraits, we find our clarity and sacred verticality.

2-Landscapes,: The Landscapes contain in our tropical African environment great natural values that express themselves on daily basis and that we can appreciate especially when we leave our homes. They constitute the habitat of fauna, the flora which are the support of agriculture and determinants for the production of foodstuffs. Our population needs natural spaces preserved for ressourcing. The Gabonese landscapes are rich in biodiversity, with its mountains, rivers, water falls, forests, village huts etc. This constitutes a priceless and formidable tourist capital.To preserve this wealths, to appreciate them, embellish them, protect them, will be part of the promotion and teaching that we can give to our youths in our societies which are losing more and more their ancestral values that our elders have bequeathed to us. As Artists living in the Congo Basin, we are delighted to reveal her beauties, peace and splendor .

3- Elephants World, : The Elephants symbolize: Love, Purity, Wisdom, Power, Greatness, Stability, Peace, Prosperity in all areas of life. CHIFART is immortalizing the memory of these gentle giants of the nature in Chim’s Elephant Art Museum.

4- Spiritual Paintings, : We reveal the inner world through our spiritual paintings, expressing the permanent connection to our inner source and the splendor in which our souls dwell.

5- Family Museum.: We thought a long time about human journey on earth, on how to immortalize his life experience and that of his family by telling their story through our paintings. This is what we called The Family Museum. A man after his noble achievement, arriving at the twilight of his passage on earth, should sit down and tell his story that will inspire and edify the future generation of whom he was. Reserve a suitable space in his residence or in his company where he will store beautiful artworks made for him and his family. It is a safe investment that brings us into immortality for many years.